The brief was to convert an attic with extremely restricted head height into a new master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and, if possible, access to some outside space for the client to indulge his passion for gardening. 

A dormer was proposed that opens up to a roof terrace which is recessed into the slope of the roof, reducing its visual impact on the roof scape. As a result, planning permission was granted for the proposal in an area with a strong bias towards rejecting proposals for roof extensions.

To create as much usable floor area as possible within the limited depth of the plan, a trapezoid terrace plan was created with a depth that comfortably accommodates a table and chairs, but still gives a generous feel to the master bedroom. 

Floors internally and externally, as well as the terrace cheek walls, are finished in Kebony, a softwood treated through an  environmentally friendly process using a bio-based liquid to modify wood’s cell structure, so that the wood adopts premium hardwood characteristics without hardwood’s negative environmental impact. 

Externally, the dormer is finished in standing seam zinc cladding.

The project is about to start on site. Project carried out under the name engelhadleykirk limited (ehk).